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Selected Articles and Papers on the Anthropology of Dance

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In Preparation

Honor and Play: The Semiotics of Dancing in a Yemeni Highland Community
(working title).

Steps to an Ethnography of Dance. In Viewpoints: Visual Anthropologists at Work. Mary Strong and Laena Wilder, eds. Pp. 228-253. Austin: University of Texas Press.

The State of Dancing Traditions in the Arabian Peninsula
. Paper presented at the Conference on Music in the World of Islam. Assilah, Morocco, 8-13 August.

Belly Dance: An Urban Folk Genre
. In Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy. Anthony Shay and Barbara Sellers-Young, eds. Pp. 28-50. Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers.

Dance in the Arabian Peninsula
. In The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 6: The Middle East. Pp. 703-712. New York: Routledge.

Dance and Glance: Visualizing Tribal Identity in Highland Yemen.
Visual Anthropology,11:55-102.

Deep Knee Bends: Dancing as a Cultural System
. Anthropology Newsletter, 39(2):48-49.

Articles in The International Encyclopedia of Dance.Selma Jeanne Cohen, ed. New York: Oxford University Press.

Middle East: An Overview. Volume IV:402-413.
Middle East: Dance Research and Publication. Volume IV:414-417.
Yemen. Volume VI:417-420
Zar. Volume VI:444-445

Tribal Dancing and Yemeni Nationalism: Steps to Unity. Revue du Monde Musulmane et de la Méditerranée, 67(1):l6l-l68. Translated into Arabic in, Al-Yaman Kama Yarah al-Akhar. L. Taminian and A. al-Auj, eds. Sanaa: American Institute for Yemeni Studies (1997).

On the Classification of the Dance Archives of the Arab Gulf States Folklore Centre. Unpublished report submitted in English and Arabic to the Folklore Centre, Doha, Qatar.

Achievement and Play: Opposition in Yemeni Tribal Dancing. Proceedings of the Consulting Seminar on the Collecting and Documenting of Traditional Music and Dance. Doha, Qatar: The Arab Gulf States Folklore Centre.

Qabyala: The Tribal Concept in the Central Highlands of the Yemen Arab Republic
. Doctoral Dissertation in Anthropology, Temple University. University Microfilms International.


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